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Two Open Evenings are arranged annually. The following procedure is implemented. This is done to make the most effective use of time to promote transparency.

Autumn Term
Children’s parents are invited to come to a meeting with teachers to discuss Foundation Assessment  in the relationship of the pupils in the Reception Class, how a child has settled  in his new class, any difficulties  with work and educational needs and any concern regarding  behaviour - (according to what is relevant to the individual in question). The school invites parents by letter.
Summer Term
A meeting if there is to discuss the contents of the annual report to parents and to discuss work and an opportunity to see the year’s work. This term also there will be a need to discuss with Year  6 parents matters  relating to transfer  to the secondary school.

If you cannot attend the organized meeting, or if you wish to discuss your child’s progress, then you are welcome to get in touch to make other arrangements. The staff will be flexible enough to arrange a different time that will be possible for you. Remember also that you can raise any concern and arrange a chat at other times. Don’t leave matters  until you hear a word  or until open evenings arrive. The teachers in this school are very approachable and everyone is ready to listen for the sake of your child.

Emphasis is placed on working together to venture to ensure the best education. It is important that parents take a live interest in their children’s work in order to promote a good relationship between us. The partnership is essential to try and attain the objective. It depends on good contacts and healthy co-operation between the home and the school at all times. Promoting and maintaining a good relationship between the school and every parent is essential for us.

We send letters / newsletters quite often via your children e.g. permission to go on an educational trip, reason for absence, invitation to activities and news about the school and the Parent Teacher Association.

There are several occasions when we invite you to come over to support them to come to get to know  the school and the teachers.

We welcome parents to come and discuss matters of importance. Parents are kindly asked to contact the Head Teacher beforehand  to arrange a convenient time  to meet.

Committee of the Parents and Friends of Ysgol Bodffordd

The work and support of the community is very important to us as a school – what about coming over for our activities and meetings. The committee is hardworking and very supportive. Quite interesting and different money-raising activities are organized. Social evenings and educational evenings are organized. We would like to see many more parents supportuing the meetings. New children’s parents are always welcome. We look at the committee’s activities as a good way to come to know parents and for parents to come to know the school’s teachers and staff.


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